Wishing for Spring!

Spring Must Be Coming!

How are the grapes doing? A common and very good questions after the temperatures we experienced for the past month. The interview our vineyardist and winemaker had with a local TV crew might explain how this could effect our crop in 2015. http://www.mytwintiers.com/story/d/story/record-low-temperatures-cause-concern-for-local-gr/21753/cLNLS-KWOkK5r1wZ8wku7w  The quality of the final crop will depend on lots of factors between now and harvest (Sept-Oct), but the severe cold might impact the quantity of grapes this year.

While the vines are dormant and buried under lots of snow, our wines have been winning awards. The latest award went to our 2013 Chardonnay which was awarded a Gold Medal at the Florida State Fair International Wine Competition. This beautifully balanced wine is a great choice to go with rich, buttery seafood dishes or creamy cheeses.

In the cellar the cold outdoor temperatures are helping us chill the wines to cold stabilize them. While we are grumbling about our heating bills at home, our winemaking team is using the cold to save energy we would use cooling the wines in large stainless steel tanks. Chris & Abby are really excited about the 2014 wines, especially the Rieslings. Stay tuned for the first releases of the 2014 vintage.

While the cold days of winter might not be gone, we are here to help you through your “cabin fever” moments. We are open daily for wine tasting and sales.
Stay warm!

Liz Stamp and the family at Lakewood Vineyards

Lakewood Vineyards 
Seriously good wine!

We are open 361 days a year
(closed New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas).


  1. joe illig says

    Enjoyed my visit- a warm and friendly winery. Try the Three Generations Riesling- one of the very best in the Finger Lakes Region.


  2. says

    I have to second the Drumroll for the 3G Riesling 2012 vintage. Definitely one of the best Rieslings that I brought back home after a Seneca Lake Wine Trail visit.

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