Claire + Adam Wedding Wine Registry
September 17, 2023


Gift the lovely couple the wedding wines of their dreams!

They’ve chosen a selection of delicious, locally produced and sustainably grown wines and would be honored if you helped them stock their bar.

Dream Wine Bar total: $850
Contribute in increments of $25

To add a gift message to your contribution, please use the “Order notes” field on the checkout page.

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We can't wait to see you at the wedding!

We are so happy in our new home, so our registry was a bit light on physical gifts. To share in the fun, we have created a "wine registry" for our generous friends and families to contribute to the festivities of the day. We chose some delicious wines to serve and appreciate your chipping in to get the party started.

Thank you for helping us fill the glasses - we look forward to you helping us empty them, too!

Adam and Claire