Abby Rose

abby-roseThe nose of this bright crimson wine is a vibrant mix of vanilla & strawberry aromas. Sweet fruity flavors are artfully balanced on the palate by the wine’s natural acidity. A playfully nostalgic palate insists you drop all pretensions, relax, and enjoy. Best served chilled.


Gold Medal:
Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

$9/bottle ~ $91.80/case


  1. Shaniece Grady says

    I love this wine. I use to buy it from the Vintage in SoHo. Or after a nice dinner at Carmine’s I’ll go across the street.To the Vintage and buy two bottles of Abby !!!

    • Liz Stamp says

      Hi Amanda,
      Our 2012 Abby Rose which is the current release has 4.5% residual sugar. If you have any other questions please let us know.

  2. Dan Ivey says

    I live in TX and ordered a case of Abby Rose but was told that the government had banned shipping…? How or where can I buy a case?

    • Liz Stamp says

      I am not sure we stated that correctly and I am sorry for that. It is not banned, but we have not gotten the license. I am sorry for any confusion we caused, and we hope to add Texas to our list of states to which we can ship. Thank you for your interest in Lakewood wines.

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