Lakewood Vineyards: Finger Lakes Wine Tastings

Discover Winemaking Craftsmanship

Lakewood owners sitting in wine cellar

Our Origins

With 7 decades and 3 generations of grape-growing experience, we produce some of the Finger Lakes’ most award-winning wines.

Our Wines

From 100 acres of vineyards and 14 grape varieties, we offer a Finger Lakes wine to suit every palate.

Elegant & Accessible

This Collection of vinifera varietals represents our premium wines. Share them on special occasions—or enjoy them anytime.

three bottles of Lakewood wine
three bottles of Lakewood wine

Everyday Enjoyable

Delicious and food-friendly, these wines will please many palates and are the best choice when serving groups with varied preferences.

Fun & Fruity

Ideal for kicking back at picnics, BBQs and poolside fun. These wines don’t pretend to be serious, but they’re so tasty the 2nd glass is a must.

three bottles of fruity Lakewood wines
three bottles of Dessert & Port Wines

Dessert & Port

Port and dessert wines aren’t just for special occasions. They’re a great way to finish a meal, or just to enjoy something a little decadent.

Poring glass of white wine

Our Tastings

From simple flights to behind-the-scenes access

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The Rose Guild

Exclusive events, free tastings, and special promotions