Lakewood Vineyards: Finger Lakes Wine Tastings

Discover Winemaking Craftsmanship

An intimate, informative winery experience

Our Origins

With 7 decades and 3 generations of grape-growing experience, we produce some of the Finger Lakes’ most award-winning wines.

Our Wines

From 80 acres of vineyards and 14 grape varieties,
we offer a Finger Lakes wine to suit every palate.

Elegant & Accessible

This collection of vinifera varietals represents our premium wines. Share them on special occasions—or enjoy them anytime.

Everyday Enjoyable

Delicious and food-friendly, these wines will please many palates and are the best choice when serving groups with varied preferences.

Fun & Fruity

Ideal for kicking back at picnics, BBQs and poolside fun. These wines don’t pretend to be serious, but they’re so tasty the 2nd glass is a must.

Dessert & Port

Port and dessert wines aren’t just for special occasions. They’re a great way to finish a meal, or just to enjoy something a little decadent.

Poring glass of white wine

Our Tastings

From simple flights to behind-the-scenes access

Rose Guild tour of wine cellar

The Rose Guild

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