1-0162 low resMade from extremely ripe, partially raisined grapes, this scarlet colored Port has a big nose of black raspberries and currants. The palate is velvety and warm with lingering notes of cassis and a hint of anise. The perfect accompaniment to cold nights and warm fires. The 2015 Port is delicious with flavorful blue cheese or rich dark chocolate (62% cocoa or more).


New Release!

$16/bottle ~ $163.20/case


  1. Candace Dougherty says

    We visited your winery in September and tried your 2012 Port and loved it. We have been enjoying it immensely and wondered if it was sold in the Syracuse area?


    • Liz Stamp says

      Candace, I am sorry for the slow reply.
      We are glad to know you enjoy the Port. It is available at several places in Syracuse. Your best bet to find it would be Harborview Wine & Liquor and Superior Wine & liquor in Fayetteville. If you do not have luck finding it please let us know and we will dig deeper to find it near you. Happy Holidays!
      The Family at Lakewood Vineyards

  2. thomas says

    I purchased a bottle of your 2013 port last week on vacation. when i arrived home i was eager to open it but saw it was a driven in cork not a “T” stopper cork. Can i re-cork your port or should it be consumed at a sitting?

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