Matt Smith

Matt Smith After studying fine arts and then becoming a Sommelier in New York City, Matt, a New Jersey native, came to the Finger Lakes to dive deeper into his passion for wine. He spent a few years working in a neighboring vineyard and joined the Lakewood cellar team just after harvest in 2022. Always…

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Benjamin Stamp

Benjamin Stamp portrait

Benjamin Stamp working on barrel of Chardonnay Benjamin Stamp Ben was 3 weeks old when Lakewood Vineyards opened its doors to the public in 1989. He slept through the whole thing. After graduating from Cornell with his degree in enology, Ben travelled extensively and worked 5 harvests in other areas before returning to work alongside…

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Abby Stamp Wilkins

Abby Stamp portrait

Abby stirring grapes in harvest bin Abby Stamp Wilkins Abby grew up playing and even working at Lakewood. She initially thought she would pursue a career in medicine … but she transferred into the enology program at Cornell, and graduated in 2012. Abby worked harvest in New Zealand and two in Oregon. She now works…

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Christian Russell

Christian Russell portrait

Christian Russell with dog Christian Russell Cellar master Chris Russell studied marine biology at the University of Miami before finding himself drawn back to the Finger Lakes, where he was born. When he’s not sailing his 41-foot boat, Chris can be found in the cellar helping to make Lakewood’s exceptional wines.

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Chris Stamp

Chris Stamp portrait

Chris Stamp leaning against winery equipment Chris Stamp Chris had his first taste of winemaking watching a neighbor make wine. Thus began his fascination with fermentation. He attended Cornell where he got a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science in 1983, and was immediately hired to make wine for Plane’s Cayuga Vineyards, one of the pioneer…

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