A Club with Great Taste!

The Rose Guild is for those who enjoy Lakewood wines and appreciate special opportunities for wine education, good food and great company.
Lakewood Vineyards Event
Lakewood Vineyards Event
Lakewood Vineyards Event
Lakewood Vineyards Event

Join the community and reap the rewards.

Rose Guild Members

Rose Guild members enjoy:

  1. Exclusive access to our members-only Rose Guild events, including our Barrel Tasting every spring 
  2. Advance notification & reduced pricing for Lakewood Vineyards events
  3. Complimentary tastings for you and up to 5 guests—any time, all year long
  4. Early notice of periodic wine specials and new releases
  5. Our published newsletter delivered to your mailbox twice per year
  6. Discounts on wine purchases:
  • 10% on 1-11 bottles
  • 20% on 12-35 bottles
  • 25% on 36+ bottles

Joining the Rose Guild is easy.

Joining the Rose Guild

All you have to do is buy the wine you love. We keep track of your purchases in our system; when you spend $150 (or more) on wine within 12 months, Congratulations! You are a Rose Guild Member.

Your membership continues as long as your Lakewood wine purchases total $150+ each year.

Please note: Current Lakewood Loyals memberships will automatically convert to new Rose Guild memberships as they come due for renewal.

Ready to get started?

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