Wine Club FAQs

How long does my Wine Club membership last?

Your membership will automatically renew so you can continue to enjoy our winemaker selections, exclusive wines and discounts.

How much wine will I get?

At the Legacy Level, you’ll receive three shipments of 12 bottles each (3 cases per year).

Can I choose my wines?

Yes, at the Legacy Level you can customize up to 6 bottles per case shipment.

Is pick-up an option?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the tasting room to pick up your Wine Club selections. We’ll alert you about a month before the scheduled pick up date.

When will you announce the wine selections?

We believe a little mystery is good for the soul. We will announce the wine right before the shipment goes out.

Can I share my Wine Club discount?

The Wine Club discount is exclusive to the member and is non-transferable.

Does Wine Club membership include complimentary tastings?

Yes! At the Vineyard Level you receive 12 tastings per year. At the Cellar and Legacy Levels, you receive 24 tastings per year. We do require appointment reservations for groups larger than 6.

How much does it cost to join?

Joining is free! You just pay for the cost of each shipment, plus tax and shipping.

How much does each shipment cost?

That depends on which level is right for you. At the Vineyard Level, you can expect shipments to range between $85 and 105. At the Cellar and Legacy Levels, shipments will range between $165 and $200. You can also customize up to 6 bottles per case at the Legacy Level.

Does joining the Wine Club make me a cooler person?

Yes! It also shows you have great taste.

How do I sign up?

  1. Online: Purchase the current selection at the level you choose, and you’re automatically enrolled!
  2. By phone: Call us at 607-535-9252
  3. By mail:  Download and mail in your completed order form

How can I cancel my membership?

Wine Club memberships can only be canceled after one full cycle of membership at your chosen level. After that, you can cancel your membership in writing by sending an email to [email protected] one month prior to the next shipment.